W H O   A R E  W E ?

We are a coffee distribution company that provides quality coffee from experienced and dedicated coffee farmers. Aroma’s customer service and fast delivery is a top priority and maintains a high standard.

T H E   M I S S I O N   O F   A R O M A

Transforming lives one cup at a time with great-tasting, hand-picked specialty coffee that changes the world by giving back to our next generation.


“You can't buy happiness, but you can buy coFfee, and that's pretty close.” 

- COFfee Lovers -


AROMA Solutions Co is also excited to be partnering with http://ignite.org, a 501 [C] 3 nonprofit organization dedicated to mentoring at risk youth and young adults, by shaping and encouraging our next generation of leaders into emergence, advocacy and a life of purpose. 

Therefore, with every purchase you make, a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to help sponsor students in need.

A B o U T

O U R  C O F F E E



Our specialized coffee is selected from the farms in the high mountains of the Caribbean. Our soil has volcanic and clayish characteristics, along with great drainage. This creates perfect conditions to produce in small lots, while guaranteeing and surpassing the highest standard required by Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA).

We use ultra high tech packaging with polyethylene, aluminum, and degassing one way valve, allowing this resealable packaging to preserve freshness. Our grains are classified by size and density, in addition, roasted and packaged right before delivery. Our unique refreshing chocolate aftertaste places us as the best 100% Arabica Specialty Coffee blended in the market.


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